This is Us

Years ago I told my husband (the handsome guy in the picture above) that I wanted to start a blog.

At the time, we were newlyweds living in Queen Creek, Arizona; adjusting to life together and traveling all over the west coast. I wanted a space to write about all of our adventures be it hiking in Utah or hanging out on the beach in San Diego. After two years of enjoying the Arizona sunshine and life as just the two of us, we found out we were expecting our son, Noah. It didn’t take long for us to realize that the best place to raise our babies would be back home, near family, in a small Western New York town.

Sooooo… here I am, years later, finally starting blog. Our life looks different now, and a majority of my posts will not be about our spontaneous adventures. I’ve come to realize there is beauty in the ordinary every day moments. I want to capture and hold onto them all. I don’t want to forget how it felt the first time my baby smiled at me or learned how to latch properly while breastfeeding. I want to remember how it felt the first time my husband and I finally slept more than a few hours at night and went on our first date after having the baby. I want to look back on a cold day (we have looooooots of those here in NY) and recall how the sun felt on a summer day. Here you can find my thoughts about motherhood, marriage, and small town life here in western New York. I hope you enjoy 🙂